COVID 19 Concerns and moving forward…

We hope that everyone has been safe and well with their families during this time of unprecedented challenge. We too have faced challenges and are looking at an uncertain future. On the brighter side, the nature of our work at PocketNerds has allowed itself to be done remotely and safely as we care for our families and provide them with our support during these troubled times.

We can accommodate remote meetings in order to have that face-to-face connection so important for business. You can also send us specifications of what you need to have done. We can generate a quote and a wire-frame mock-up of your project for your green-light approval. We pride ourselves on our extensive customer interaction with weekly ‘show-and-tell’ presentations and feedback sessions of our progress on your dream.

At PocketNerds, we pride ourselves on being on that cutting edge. As our last post noted below, we have been hard at work adding new technologies to our stable, for ease and range of customer applications. In addition, our Lead Developer has recently taken a deep dive into his own personal strength, C#, and has now added WPF capabilities to PocketNerds.

In addition to WPF and the technologies noted below, PocketNerds will now also be happy to provide services in Unity for businesses interested in gamifying their customer experience for a deeper engagement with their Clients. This is in addition to our already existing Unreal Platform capabilities that can be tasked to create any 3D modelling task or behaviour desired.

As our province slowly opens up for new business, please consider PocketNerds for that software or website that will help you engage customers at all levels and with any variety of technologies you can imagine.

Take that next step in re-imagining your business for the 21st century. We’ll be here for you…every step of the way

The PocketNerds Team

PocketNerds is expanding its reach!!

Hi Everyone,

Thank you for joining us on the site to read about some exciting technology. In the past few months, the staff at PocketNerds has been working hard to add new technologies…

We’re proud to add the following software options:

Microsoft .NET Core 3.0+ with Angular
Node.js sites with Angular, Vue or React
Angular 8.0+ websites

And finally, something we’re really proud about, we’ve added Unreal Technologies to our toolkit
– A fully three-dimensional (3D) platform where any object can be rendered and displayed in near-cinematic quality (The Mandalorian used Unreal extensively for special effects and backgrounds)
– Not only can objects be displayed in 3D, but they can have whatever behaviours you wish added to them. For example, you’re designing a new building for a client, with Unreal, you can actually go inside the building and look around, even open windows, drapes, etc. It all depends on you

Once again, the choice is yours…choose your technology and let your dreams fly!

The PocketNerds Team

A brand new day…

Welcome all to the new re-vamped PocketNerds website!!

All IoT, ASP.NET to .NET Core conversions, and custom app services are now 25% off for the month of June!!

All websites, now as low as $999.99, including two years’ hosting and domain name registration!!

Give your business a new look for the summer, act now

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