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21st century solutions for all your secure mobile and desktop needs

From Microsoft ASP.NET to ASP.NET CORE conversions

To state-of-the-art IoT Solutions...

We have it all

Plus...we can make custom Android and iOS apps for your business too

(p.s. and we do websites...)


What we do

We'll take your ideas and turn them into reality...
Have a remote site that needs Internet of Things connectivitity? Got it...
Have an old, cranky ASP.NET site that breaks every time there is an update?
We can do that...
(We'll fix it and then give you options to make it mobile-friendly and cross-platform, using much of your existing code base and logic)...
Got a crazy plan that everyone thinks is over-the-top? We'll do that too.
The only limit is your imagination...

Strategy & Planning

We gather the facts
a chalkboard

Meeting with our advance team and getting the facts-on-the-ground allows you to clearly understand the requirements and needs of your project

Starting at $499.99
* price included if project greenlit *

Creative & Design

From idea into plan
working on a laptop

Once you have given the green light, your plans will come to life under our skilled design team. Working hand-in-hand with you to make your unique visions come to life, we will get you to where you want to be

Programs & Technical

Nuts and bolts with actions
fingers typing on a keyboard

As the Design team begins its work, so too our technical teams begin breaking your project down. Meeting with you often to guide progress, our skilled and professional Project Leads guide the vision as you want it to be

About Us

Formed in 2011 after hearing constantly that developers were not receptive to their clients. Knowing that we could do better, we began developing a client-centred focus

  • Design with client
  • Implement with client
  • Expand / Consult / Develop with client

Latest News

Please click on our News link on the navbar to find out what we're doing. Currently, we are following the development of ASP.NET 5 which has just been released by Microsoft

Plus, we are working on the latest in IoT technologies to make things smarter and more secure for your connected world